“A lot of disagreements are born from misunderstandings. Communication is  key…which we lost.”🙂

To my of person!

I miss you a lot, be safe everyday…

Don’t know about you that..you ever felt or not. I never confessed but I Loved you like anything…❣ Hate uh ! Always be happy and keep smiling…. :)My bestest…! Chomyaaaa Gubbya Dholyaaa Gendee and…. that fav name I’m restricted to take…..! Ani ha mazya flower plant la paani ghalat ja time to time….🙃

Hope you read this somehow someday…..!

Remember this screenshot ?…
When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure……!❤

And ha…..still dying to see the picture of sunset view from your Terrace !   🙂

It’s not like I don’t care about you or I don’t like you anymore…I just pretend to behave like I don’t care whenever I cross or see you…just like you do. Automatically my eyes fill with tears as if you are holding the remote..! And inside how it feels…I guess you too know it very well….   🙂

And still everyday I check my inbox. Still I type your number everyday and text something with 🌸.. but backspace reminds me about someone’s requested not to text again( The person who’s curse also feels like a blessing for me). Still I’m hoping for everything to be normal as it was. Still I want you to ignore my texts when you are angry. I eat moong daal khichdi twice in a week but I still miss that taste when you taught me even when your dad was in front of you lol and I made it for first time( karpun geli hoti ardhi te sangitla nahi tula 😉 ). Still I hope that u’ll  come back in my life one day. Still I love you. Still I hate you. And still I miss you a lot….!🥺

I’m just stucked in past. Just waiting…..knowing that you won’t come. But I believe in miracles. Trying to move on but…,

Na zakham bhare..

Na sharaab sahara hui…

Na abhi tk voh vapas lauti…..

Na mohabbat dobara hui…….!

Love lies🐾♥️