#50 !

On the occasion of Rangpanchmi 2021, I completed my half century of RAANJHANAA ! 🙂

Raanjhanaa ❤️

Here’s the story of beautiful and sad love story from “Heart to Head”, “Love and Hate” !

Dhanush ! the extraordinary personality who just came up through his hard work and passion towards acting❤️ just won millions & millions of hearts !

I’m his biggest…oh sorry can’t say biggest but one of the biggest…wait wait I’ll correct.. I’m just addicted to his movies. I guarantee there’s no movie of Dhanush left that I haven’t watched (till date). Whether it’s in hindi dubbed or in their original language I just don’t leave any of his movie ! Though I don’t understand anything about their language but still I watch just for him❤️.

Coming to this movie..

Raanjhanaa..! An excellent content movie by Anand Rai…!

A small town man, deeply loves a girl since childhood, but finds his love unreciprocated. Later, in the heat of a moment, his action leads to a terrible event, which he tries to atone for, and eventually finds peace and forgiveness…

Us roz, us saal, us kshn aisa laga ki,
Banaras ki saari bhang hamare maathe main,
Aur bholenath ka saara zehar humari aankon mai utar aayà ho.

200 saal phele banaras laaye the humare par dada ko tamil nadu sey panditai karne, par laga banaras ne aaj apnaya hain….!
I felt that deeply ! 💔

As the music director was AR Rahman, no doubt on music…!

And the End…

” Par Saala Ab Uthe Kaun, Kaun Phir Se Mehnat Kare Dil Lagane Ko, Dil Tudwane Ko, Abe Koi Toh Aawaj De Ke Rok Lo……Ye Jo Ladki Murda Si Aanke Liye Baithi Hai Bagal Me…..Aaj Bhi Haan Bol De Toh Mahadev Ki Kasam Waapas Aa Jayein……Par Nahi Ab Saala Mood Nahi, Aankhe Moond Lene Me Hi Sukh Hain,So Jaane Me Hi Bhalayi Hain.”

” Par Uthenge Kisi Din Ussi Ganga Kinare Damru Bajane Ko….Unhi Banaras Ke Galiyo Me Daud Jaaneko,Kisi Zoya Ke Ishq Me Phir Se Padh Jaane Ko…….! “


And one thing happened, after this movie till now whenever I see Sonam Kapoor’s and her face… I simply hate her❤️ !


“A lot of disagreements are born from misunderstandings. Communication is key…which we lost.”🙂

To my of person!

I miss you a lot, be safe everyday…

Don’t know about you that..you ever felt or not. I never confessed but I Loved you like anything…❣ Hate uh ! Always be happy and keep smiling…. :)My bestest…! Chomyaaaa Gubbya Dholyaaa Gendee and…. that fav name I’m restricted to take…..! Ani ha mazya flower plant la paani ghalat ja time to time….🙃

Hope you read this somehow someday…..!

Remember this screenshot ?…
When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure……!❤

And ha…..still dying to see the picture of sunset view from your Terrace ! 🙂

It’s not like I don’t care about you or I don’t like you anymore…I just pretend to behave like I don’t care whenever I cross or see you…just like you do. Automatically my eyes fill with tears as if you are holding the remote..! And inside how it feels…you too know it very well…. 🙂

And still everyday I check my inbox. Still I type your number everyday and text something with 🌸.. but backspace reminds me about self respect everytime. Still I’m hoping for everything to be normal as it was. Still I want you to ignore my texts when you are angry. Still I hope that u’ll come back in my life one day. Still I love you. Still I hate you. And still I miss you a lot.

दिल पर पहली दस्तक से धड़कन रुक जाने तक,
तुम इस दिल में रहोगे…मेरे मर जाने तक…!!🙂💔

Na zakham bhare..

Na sharaab sahara hui…

Na abhi tk voh vapas lauti…..

Na mohabbat dobara hui…….!

Love lies🐾♥️