Oh…30 likes just in one minute ! Wait wait wait 4 more added. My Instagram post is just floating over everyone…😌

HEY ! How’s everyone? Oh sorry… Wassup guys..💁‍♂️ I forgot the new way to start conversation.

Myself Umajirao Ingale. Oh don’t look at me like this..! Ok my snapchat id is umaji_1011 and insta id is umaji_5607. Yeah wait wait also I’m sorry but I don’t have snapchat , Instagram account thou😬.

Then you must be questioning why this guy was giving all this snap and insta IDs? It’s just a new style of our generation to introduce ourselves. Whenever we make any new friend or talk with anyone,we just ask these things…Hey u there on Instagram? Give me your WhatsApp no. Add me on snapchat.

The students like me who are through the period of graduation, just think yourself…what is your own identity if your parents remove their hands from you?

I always liked..wait I’d say that I wasted my four years of engineering on social media and my friends know very well . But when I think about it now..I say to myself..U were so freaking..!

Now people reading this just do one thing. Close your eyes and just ask yourself these things. Who am I right now? What is my own identity? Where do I stand in this race of life ?Am I doing worth for the parents working for me day and night and who love me from moon and back ?

Nowadays social media is ruining our physical lives. It hammers to our brain and mind also. We should understand that happiness is not in smiling in selfies and posting it on social media, happiness is something which is in smiling in real life and staying happy all time with your family and friends.

“Happiness is not in alcohol or laughing on adult memes and sharing it to all..happiness is in laughing with all in the hall”

Look, I’ll explain with an example. If a person is using eg: Instagram. That person sees to all friends posts stories .Unknowingly that person starts comparing him/herself with life of people in that posts. And such normal thoughts and questions comes in mind…Ohh her dress is so good. How come she is with him? Aww he’s so sick ! and much more thoughts. Indirectly you are comparing the other person’s lifestyle with yours and spoiling your own life rather than enjoying in what we have and what we can without thinking much about others.

It’s totally the imaginary world where we are wasting our precious and important life.

According to the cyber research, there are 50 to 60% of so called friends on social media about whom we don’t know anything. So much of crimes are happening due to such misbehavior of youth.

One of all…Just don’t waste your time much on such platforms if it’s not profiting you in sense of future.

Here was just a negetive side of social media I shared with You all. It has positive side also if you are using it with all security and managing time.

Coming back to your dreams, don’t just dream about it..Chase it..grind….grind….grind. Think about your MOM & DAD who are living just for your secure future. If your dreams are such like no one is supporting…Its ok to go opposite to the flow if you have that will power ! It will be difficult but imagine your DREAM coming true. Once you dreamt…don’t stop till it becomes your reality. It’s ok if you fail after trying.”Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better….!”

“Wear your failure as a badge of honor”

No one on this earth is extraordinary. Anyone can do anything.

It’s a time of lockdown. A little spark by my side to you all.

Here’s a MARATHI poem by Suresh Bhatt which is best for anyone to get motivated…!

“आयुष्य छान आहे

थोडे लहान आहे !

रडतोस काय वेड्या.?

लढण्यात शान आहे.!

अश्रूच यार माझा

मदिरेसमान आहे !

काट्यातही फुलांची

झुलती कमान आहे !

उचलून घे हवे ते

दुनिया दुकान आहे !

जगणे निरर्थ म्हणतो

तो बेइमान आहे.

“सुखासाठी कधी हसावं लागंत ,तर कधी रडावं

लागतं,कारण सुंदर धबधबा बनायला पाण्यालाही उंचावरुन

पडावं लागतं… “

Thank you !🙂

Author: _touchofgenius_


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